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Our company provides expert local geofencing marketing strategies. We are a group of digital marketers focused solely on implementing geofencing technology and eliminating the barriers to add this emerging technology into forward-thinking marketing campaigns. We equip our clients with the most advanced technology available in location-based marketing.

Matthew Kilmurry, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, has been a pioneer in digital marketing since the early 2000s. He started in digital marketing by optimizing websites for search engine rankings and has been deeply involved in the industry as technology and tactics have evolved. Matthew has worked both within advertising agencies and large corporations. He understands marketers’ pain points and has designed an onboarding and data analysis system that makes it easy for marketers to show real results to their operations and ownership teams.

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Our Core Values

WE LOVE THE JOURNEY. At Intrinsic Digital, we understand that there is no destination in life or work. Digital marketing has no finish line – it is always changing. That is why at the crux of our core values, is a gentle reminder to enjoy the journey! And we don’t just plaster our core values on our website. Each month we have our team members anonymously nominate their colleagues that represented these core values and award a small token to winners. Exercising our core values is intrinsic to us.



Our focus on collective success requires us to work as a team across functions, platforms and physical distance.




Our authority and expertise is grounded in truth and honesty.






We show genuine concern and respect for our clients, each other and our communities through giving back and taking time.


Surprise & Delight

We actively look for opportunities to deliver unexpected value and exceed expectations with everyone we work with.


X-Ray Vision

We see through challenges to seek undiscovered opportunities.



Meet the Team!

Our team members at Intrinsic Digital understand that digital marketing has no finish line – it is always changing. And we love the journey! We are passionate about delivering great work and results for our clients, and enjoying the digital marketing adventure!

Addison Flores-Thorpe Headshot

Addison Flores-Thorpe

Client Success
Alana Redgraves Headshot

Alana Redgraves

Campaign Success
Alexa Collier Headshot

Alexa Collier

Onboarding Specialist
Anya Davis Headshot

Anya Davis

Digital Marketing Analytics Manager
Brandi Pelley Headshot

Brandi Pelley

Digital Marketing Analyst
Breanna Chipoco Headshot

Breanna Chipoco

Client Success
Brian Robinson Headshot

Brian Robinson

VP, Sales
Charlotte Barter Headshot

Charlotte Barter

VP, Digital Marketing
Delia Hernandez Headshot

Delia Hernandez

HubSpot CRM & Automation Specialist
Gabrielle Deschaine Headshot

Gabrielle Deschaine

Client Success Senior Coordinator
Jacqueline Byrnes Headshot

Jacqueline Byrnes

Campaign Success Senior Coordinator
John Yeingst Headshot

John Yeingst

Joseph Brown Headshot

Joseph Brown

Campaign Success
Juliann Loomis Headshot

Juliann Loomis

Marketing & Product Manager
Julie Ostman Headshot

Julie Ostman

Onboarding Specialist
Kaitlyn Hsiao Headshot

Kaitlyn Hsiao

Campaign Success
Kaitlyn Tarallo Headshot

Kaitlyn Tarallo

Campaign Success
Kate Trigg Headshot

Kate Trigg

Marketing Manager
Kesha Hinton Headshot

Kesha Hinton

Digital Marketing Analyst
Laurel De Luca Headshot

Laurel De Luca

Client Success Senior Coordinator
Lori DiGirolamo Headshot

Lori DiGirolamo

Executive Assistant
Madelyn Chappelear Headshot

Madelyn Chappelear

Digital Marketing Manager
Matthew Kilmurry Headshot

Matthew Kilmurry

Founder, CEO
Nicole Levin Headshot

Nicole Levin

Director of Sales
Regan Jennings Headshot

Regan Jennings

Shelby Collinson Headshot

Shelby Collinson

Client Success Manager
Stacey Chanthavong Headshot

Stacey Chanthavong

Digital Marketing Analyst
Vincent Oliver Headshot

Vincent Oliver

Weronika Bartnik Headshot

Weronika Bartnik

Campaign Success
William Scrivener Headshot

William Scrivener

Director of Sales
"We need digital marketing partners that bring solutions to improve property performance. ApartmentGeofencing.com is one of those partners. They provide regular insights, data and action items on key metrics for every property."
Christine Millier
  1. Christine Millier

Digital Marketing Analyst, Village Green

We LOVE the Journey


There is no destination in life or work. Digital marketing has no finish line – it is always changing. We look for team members that want to join us on that journey. Are you our next Intrinsic team member?